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Harper Gold Story

Harpers Story

My wife Carla and I are animal lovers. I’ve had dogs my whole life and so has she. In fact when we got married Carla had 3 dogs and I had 2. She had a waterbed and the 7 of us spent many nights together watching TV and sharing family life. Fast Forward Carla and I have been married 18 years and we adopt a Cocker Spaniel Puppy as a companion to our Rescue Cocker Spaniel Bailey.

Our new puppy Riley was happy and full of energy. We had him examined by a vet. We purchased a puppy package and brought him in for regular check ups and Riley was up to date with all of his vaccinations. One day we woke up and our puppy was not acting like himself We rushed him to the Vet and then to an intensive Care Vet Hospital where he succumbed to a undiagnosed Lung ailment within 48 hours.

My wife Carla was inconsolable and couldn’t stop crying. Our whole household was in mourning and finally I could not take it anymore. It was a Sunday morning when I went to our local malls Puppy World pet store and I waited by the door for them to open up. I was determined to do something to cheer my wife up I looked at my watch and realized I was At the Puppy STORE 1/2 hour early. I decided to walk around the mall for 30 minutes. After walking for 20 minutes I noticed a dog and 2 people about 50 yards ahead. As I came closer I noticed the dog wearing a service dog vest and I recognized her as a yellow lab.

I asked the owner how she liked her dog. The trainer could not have said enough good things about this Cindi the lab . Cindi was going through her final training to be certified as a guide dog for the blind. The trainer demonstrated Cindi the labs obedience with hand signals. Not one word was said and Cindi went through all of the silent commands without a hitch.

I decided there and then that if there was a female yellow lab at the pet center that I would be bringing her home to my Carla.

I stood next to the iron Grate that enclosed the store and felt a sense of anticipation as the gate slowly raised. I asked the Young man working there if they had a female yellow lab. He said he did and I walked right to the pet encounter room and waited for the door to open. As the doorknob began to turn and the light from outside slowly crept in I saw her I was breathless she was magnificent and she was a everything I had hoped for. Within 5 minutes she had me wrapped around her little paw . The young man returned to take the puppy back to her cage, I picked her up told him she was not going back in the cage and asked him to prepare the forms for her sale.

I held our Puppy and as she nestled in my arms she took a deep breathe and both of us knew we would be life long friends. I brought her home to my wife Carla who took one look at her and fell for her just as I had Carla immediately named her Harper. We decided that very day to make sure that Harper was raised in a healthy and modern way. We have been very careful not to give her any foreign made toys, foods ,or snacks. Harper has only had American made products in her life and we made a conscious effort to keep it that way.

Harper went to a new Vet where she got her puppy shots and vet exams. We decided that our choice would be to only Feed Harper a Natural balanced diet and to include Harpers Gold oil in her daily diet. Harper is happy and healthy and our Vet said that she is doing extremely well. From Puppy to Adult Harper will have the best of American Made products including Harper Golds Premium Pet Oil!

As a dog owner we all know that our time with our dogs is limited. Harper consumes this oil because she likes the taste and because we know that Harper Golds Premium Pet Oil is good for her.

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