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Harpers Gold Success Stories

We at Harpers Gold would like to offer a FREE bottle of Harpers Gold for the best testimonial we receive monthly.
We would also like to encourage our verified customers to send us a photo of their dog along with their story about how Harpers Gold made a difference in their pets life.

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This is Abby from Washington she uses Harpers Gold for pain and Anxiety. We have been using Harpers Gold for over a year now and we are very happy with the results.

Washington State

Zeus is an 11 year old German Shepard That was having a problem with his hips. It was difficult for him to eat in a standing position and he was really slowing down. We got some Harpers Gold and in just a few days we started to see improvement. Zeus seems happier and we are too.

Chris E.
Whittier Ca

Harpers Gold was a miracle for my girl, Jackie. At 14 years old, she could not walk without pain from arthritis and other old age complications and was starting to fall down throughout the day. We were considering the ultimate option that we all eventually face with a beloved pet that is also considered a family member. Within hours of an initial trial, she was standing straight and wanted to go for a walk, which turned into a run. We could not believe the miracle we were witnessing. Harpers Gold enabled Jackie to comfortably be a dog for 2 more years that we are convinced that we never would have had.

Larry King
Long Beach, CA

My Puppy Ellie started started suffering from seizures. We believe that nature provides the answer to most all of our ills. After just 1 bottle of Harpers Gold Ellie stopped shaking. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Jay Jacob
Pittsburgh, PA

Amazing results Our Dog Jed is an 8 year old German Shepard with painful arthritis in his hips. We tried Harpers Gold and were amazed at how active Jed has become. We had not been to the Dog Park for almost 2 years now we go at least 2 times weekly.


John Davis
Miami, Florida

Harpers Gold really works our dog Alice was a rescue from our local pound and she suffered from separation anxiety. We would leave in the morning for work and she would pee in my living room and on my kitchen floor.. Not even scented Puppy pads worked. We give Alice Harpers Gold everyday before we leave and there has been no further “accidents” since our 3rd day of adding it to her food.

Cindy Jones
Orlando, Florida

I wanted to let you know how much Harpers Gold helped our Dog Ruth with the pain she was experiencing when trying to stand. Ruth is a Cocker Spaniel and she is 14 and she was really slowing down. Since Ruth started taking Harpers Gold she is moving around better than she has in years.

Please let us know if you offer a discount for seniors.

David West
Sacramento, California

My 2 Dogs Lucy and Grizzly are 11 years apart. Lucy was feeling her age and sleeping a lot. I started her on Harpers Gold, and she has much more energy
Lucy plays with and keeps up with Grizzly all day long. Also Lucy is eating better and her skin has remained clear since her 1st bottle.

Mark L
Norwalk, California

Harpers Gold really help Our Lainey she has been taking heart and liver drugs for over a year. After introducing Harpers Gold into her diet we began to see her health improve. She is taking less meds , she has more energy and our Vet was pleased to see her improvement.

Shirley M
San Francisco, California

Our June is 14 years old and was not sleeping through the night. She has hip pain and found it difficult to stand after laying down for more than a few hours. We gave her Harpers Gold and she and everybody else in our house is now sleeping through the night. Now she stands and is struggling much less.

Thank you so much,

John S
Glendora, California

My oldest baby turned 14 yrs. old in March 2018. Emmie is a Siberian Husky. She has been suffering from hip dysplasia, rheumatoid arthritis, and acute atopic dermatitis. She has been unable to stand for significant periods of time and has had to basically lie down in order to eat her food as standing over her food and water bowls for extended periods has been painful for her in addition to lowering her body to sit or rising to stand. She has been on Harper’s Gold for approximately 1 month now. My husband pointed out to me last evening that she walked to her food bowl, stood over it, ate her entire dinner, then walked to her water bowl, stood and drank, and then walked the entire length of the house to lie down in the living room with us. She has been unable to do this for quite some time.

Thank you, Harper’s Gold for helping our Emmie start to live life without so much pain again.

Ann R.
Los Angeles, CA

My Whippet Shane was anxious and difficult to control, I didnt know anything about Hemp oil and I was concerned about what CBD is. So I read your whole web page carefully. I have been putting Harpers Gold into Shane food twice daily. Shane has been using Harpers Gold for over a month now and has turned into the lovely boy we always knew he would be. No More pulling me down the street! No More excessive barking! And Shane is much less anxious when we take him with us in the car.


Paris H
Temecula, Ca

What I have noticed so far is he is more active, he is only 7 but you know these big dogs and their joints! He’s running around like he is a teenager again and that is one if the biggest things I have noticed. He was acting older than his age and that is when I bought Harpers Gold. I’m very glad he is able to run around and walk/play again!!

Los Angeles, CA

I will start by saying I did not think this would work We purchased Harpers oil and saw for ourselves how quickly Sherman started acting calmer. He used to be anxious and stressed.He would chew on furniture ,shoes and socks, now he’s relaxed and much calmer. We can’t thank you enough!

Jeanie U.
Redwood City, Ca

Started using the drops and was pleased to see he was itching and scratching much less. We tried everything we could think of and then a friend recommended Harpers Gold. Thanks so much it really works!

Bob C.
Oceanside, Ca

Frances gets anxious and we have seen a real improvement since she tried Harpers Gold. It took 2 weeks for her to get used to it and now she is much more relaxed I recommended this product to our local rescue.

Dee Davis.
Las Vegas, NV

I bought this product and started using it on Barney it definitely helped him with his pain. It took about a week and there has been a big difference!

Terri E.
San Clemente, CA